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So lately I hear about people doing 2 different body types of metamorphosis at the same time. I have realized that if you do two completely different (not sharing any levels) body types, then technically you are getting a little bit of all four!

Let me explain.

Omnicentric and hipcentric share all odd levels, the evens are unique to them.  Abcentric and glute also share the odds. Now, if you take one from omni/hip and one from ab/glute you are technically doing all 4!

I am going to use omni and ab as an example (I will be doing this starting July 4)
On levels 1 and 9, all 4 have the same workout. Even levels- Working abs and omni.  Odd levels- working abs, omni, hip AND glute- because the latter two share with the main two.  All levels share the same arms and ab work. All level 2s have the same arms/abs, etc.

Basically the main two you choose would be the ones with your main problem areas. The odd levels are also working those main problem areas and working the secondary ones (doesn't hurt to work those too from time to time). 

As for time- it sounds like a lot of working out. However, if you have done Tracy's Mat workout, Post-pregnancy workout, /or the Perfect Design series, those workouts are one hour, as would be combining 2 metas if you do the arms and ab section again.

As for me personally, I had another little period of having to get the junk cravings out of my system, studying for my exam (and my monthly on the way) sort of screwed me up, so this time I will be double-meta-ing starting this coming Monday and will NOT eat all that other food I was eating last time I tried this.  That was also a learning experience for me, now I know better how the diet operates, etc and can be more prepared for it. As I said before I had some errors, not making enough of some foods, etc. 

For my American readers, the holiday is coming up (Independence day!) and I am very much looking forward to having the time off to relax. I've been sleep deprived and sore. Yuck.

Have a great Wednesday!

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