Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boot Camp Day 7

Hi everyone!

I have stuck with it for an entire week!  Out of curiosity, I weighed in.

Starting weight 280.4 lb
Day 7 weight: 269.5.  10.9 lb LOST in a week! I am sure a lot of it is water but still, weight is weight.  I also notice I fit in some of my clothes better.

My exercise: I didn't get all of the workout done but I got the important part- CARDIO. 30 minutes of cardio step touching.  It's been hellishly hot here where I live, and I live in an un-airconditioned place aside from my bedroom.  So, in my room I did arms and abs (no room for legs with my bed there) and then braved the oven that is my living room to do my cardio. I did take a water break every 10 minutes so I wouldn't pass out.

Diet again was good-

Breakfast- Mushroom Omelet Roll up

Vegetable soup with white beans. Again this recipe says to puree. Still, tasted good. Almost the same as puree of broccoli soup. 9/10.

Snack- Cucumber Relish (used old pic) Didn't put mint on it, much better. 8/10.

Dinner: Ratatouille and Escarole Salad. I finally found out what a ratatouille even was. Delicious.  And for a recipe for one this is a HUGE portion, this is on my big dinner plate. Escarole was blech, it's really bitter raw. Splashed it with lemon juice and it helped a little. Entree- 10/10, Salad 6/10

3 more days and I move on to Sequence 2. I can't believe time is flying.  I'll be back on Omnicentric metamorphosis before I know it!

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