Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boot Camp Day 1!

Hello everyone!

This is it! Day 1!  Finally here!

First things first, let's start with my beginning stats.

Starting weight: 280.4 lb/127.45 kg (Horrid I know)
Starting Measurements:

Bust: 49.5 inches
Left Arm: 17.5 inches
Right Arm: 17 inches
Waist: 47 inches
Hips: 53.5 inches
Left Thigh: 30 inches
Right Thigh: 30 inches.

Yeah... I'm waaay too big for my height- 5'5"/165 cm tall.  My ultimate goal is to get to around 120-135 lb, but my first goal is to get to under 200 lb. Too many years of poisoning my body with garbage foods and no exercise has caught up, time to clean house. 

So how did day 1 go? Pretty damn excellent!  Like the book said to, I did 20 reps of all of the moves in sequence 1- I did have to take breaks every 5-10. They ARE a challenge.  I also step touched the cardio for 10 minutes (combo 1 on the DVD) as per the "absolute beginner" (Or super out of shape like me) plan.  Since I was able to do 20 reps, tomorrow's goal (by the book) should be to add 5 more to that every day. As much as I will try, I will also listen to my body.

MS- Check. Cardio- Check. Diet?.... Checkaroo!!!

Breakfast: Pepper onion egg wrap. Taste rating- 10/10. I loved this. I love eggs, bell peppers, and onions.

Lunch: String Beans with Sauteed Spinach (I couldn't get yellow wax beans so I doubled up on the green beans) Taste: 10/10. 

Snack: Tomato Gazpacho. This one was surprisingly good, I thought I would heave at the first taste because USUALLY I hate raw tomatoes. However, the onion, cucumber, and cayenne pepper took the edge off of it. Taste rating: 9.5/10/

Dinner: Grilled Tofu and Roasted Mushrooms.  I couldn't find Yacon Syrup to "grill" my tofu with, so I instead sprayed a frying pan with olive oil spray and "fried" it that way.  This was actually my first time roasting mushrooms but they turned out delicious! (Lately I've been really loving mushrooms) A drizzle of lemon juice and a sprinkling of black pepper on all of it was also excellent. 

To drink- LOTS of water and plain iced tea. I did look in my purse and found a wayward unopened can of Vanilla Coke Zero- Didn't give in. Took it home and put it away.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Hey, that's really not very much food... Weren't you hungry?" Actually, no, I wasn't. I ate all of these pretty evenly spaced out and it kept me content- not full mind you, but content.  This is major for me as I am overcoming being a habitual overeater. And despite the low calories, I actually had quite a bit of energy (likely to the higher nutrient contents of the food).  And of course, I did take my multivitamin- especially important during this time of vegetarianism because I need my B12, which apparently only comes in animal form.  Tracy also reminds us in her book that if we go vegetarian, make sure to take our B12 and Iron.

So, in closing, I can now mark off Day 1 as a success!


Thoughts for tomorrow- I am home tomorrow (like I will be most of the summer during the day except the 2 days a week I work) so I will eat breakfast and get my workout out of the way in the morning before it heats up too much outside.   I also look forward to making the eggplant lasagna tomorrow!

I'm about to hit the bed, already sort of feeling the "flu like symptoms" that are to be expected when starting. 

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