Friday, June 24, 2011

After my little break... And some before pics!

Hello everyone!

It's been a couple of days since I posted because I have been studying and taking my pre-entrance exam for nursing school. I know how it went in 2-3 weeks!
During these past two days I haven't worked out or even ate well (bad me).  But enough about that.
I have actually come to the realization that I am not omnicentric! I am actually abcentric and maybe a little omni.

Most of my weight in comparison to the rest of me is in my belly. However, my hips could use a little work as well as the rest of me. I am pretty straight built, what you see as being hips are actually pure fat saddlebags. NASTY!

The solution: Do 2 metas at once- Ab and omni. Since all the arms and floor abs are the same on all levels, just add the other centric's legs unless I want to do the arms and abs again (not a bad choice either).  As for continuity, I might just stick with ab since that seems to be where my main problem area is to begin with.
I will be getting back to my workout, and I might start over when I get my abcentric in the mail. I found more things I did wrong with the diet last time and want to start over and do it right. Until then I will be still exercising, mostly practicing my cardio.  That is my major weakness.  I actually will be doing the beginner dance cardio DVD because the meta cardio is pretty hard with all the jumping and let's face it, it's starting to get boring. I miss doing choreography, to be honest. Gives the brain a little workout too.

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