Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boot Camp Day 2

Hi everyone!!!!

Day 2 went by quickly, but definitely not painlessly, haha. 

My first ray of sunshine- out of curiosity I stepped onto the scale this morning and saw that I LOST about 2.5 lb.  I'm not getting too excited about it yet because it could be a fluke, I will be weighing in daily (just for bootcamp) but posting new stats here every 10 days. 

My workout- Still 20 reps of level 1- I want to increase by 5 every other day, to make sure I can do it a second time before upping. Example: 20 yesterday and today, 25 tomorrow and the next day, etc.  I also did get my cardio in, step touching combo 1 on the DVD. One more day of that and then my step touching doubles- I do both combos on Saturday. Day 13 I am supposed to start jumping. Eeeeek! If I can! Definitely listening to my body on that one.   Woke up today definitely feeling achy everywhere but not in a bad way!

My meals for today: 

Citrus Salad: aka a grapefruit and an orange.  Taste rating: Oranges: 9/10  Grapefruit 4/10.  I have to get used to eating it more I guess.

Lunch: Puree of Broccoli Soup.  I can describe this as tasting like some gourmet baby food. I actually like it and it kept me pretty full for a while. Taste: 10/10

Snack: Cucumber Mint Relish.  For me, the mint ruined it. I did eat it all but grudgingly. If it was just the cucumber and edamame, 8/10. With mint, 5/10.

 Dinner: Eggplant Lasagna. I know this pic looks like vomit in a bowl, because my dummy self didn't let it cool before cutting it (the rest of it turned out fine.) Although it may look like slop, it was amazingly delicious and filling.  I also hate fake fat free cheese, so I gave it some oomph- whole milk ricotta, asiago cheese (instead of mozzarella) and parmesan.  It made me 4 big portions and I don't think it has that much of calories, either. (Especially with the exercise I did.) Taste: 10/10.

So got my MS, DC and Diet all in the hat. 

Day 2- Big red X of success!

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