Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boot Camp Day 6

Hello everyone!

Day 6 involved me going to work, coming home all excited to work out, but of course a number of things happened that I couldn't get the whole workout done. Another abs/arms day. Poop.

Diet still good though!

Breakfast: Halved grapefruit. This time, eating the fruit out of the skin with a spoon resulted in a lot better taste, probably because before I had a hard time getting the pith (white stuff) off of the sections. Taste: 7/10.

Lunch: Beet and Orange salad.  I always thought beets tasted a little weird but somehow they just go well with the oranges. I liked this one a lot better than I thought I would. 8/10.

Snack: Kefir and a banana. Pretty straightforward. I got plain kefir (You can get flavored but I want to use the rest of this to make smoothies soon) and the banana filled me up. 10/10.

Dinner: Veggie stir fry and roasted tomatoes- Roasted tomatoes, we meet again. This time instead of 15 minutes, I let them roast for an hour or so. The result: DELICIOUS. I didn't puree them this time. The recipe called for 6 roma tomatoes which I used (didn't fit all on the plate but ate them all). Tomatoes: 10/10. Veggie stir fry- this recipe is for one serving and it's a pretty large portion of vegetables. Very filling and good! 10/10.

That's it for now, I can't believe it's almost been a week!

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