Monday, June 27, 2011

Making the switch

I have no idea why but over this weekend I totally fell off my wagon. I haven’t exercised OR dieted all weekend and there really was no excuse for it this time.

The good news: I ordered the Abcentric metamorphosis AND the Abcentric continuity. While I am eagerly awaiting it in the mail, I am not following the dynamic eating plan until my new metamorphosis arrives. Instead I will be eating up the frozen vegetables and other surprisingly healthy stuff I have in the fridge that hasn’t gone bad yet. Less waste that way and I’m not doing damage since it’s healthy stuff.

As for working out I will not be completely inactive. Tonight I am going to try giving Beginner DC a run through. The choreographed stuff is more interesting to me since it doesn’t always really require a whole lot of jumping, and if you don’t jump around then there’s only a limited amount of cardio to do with meta. But that’s just me. My main weakness with working out is cardio endurance. And unfortunately the only way to improve that is to do more cardio.

Also, as I said before (correct me if I’m wrong)- I am thinking of doing both the abcentric and the omnicentric metas together. I am wondering if this will be too much, or if I should just focus on Abcentric and work more on getting my cardio up to speed. Or should I do both of those things- both metas and cardio.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a happy Monday!

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