Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Metamorphosis Day 2

Hello everyone!

I finished day 2 of my omni metamorphosis yesterday (blogs will be posted the next day) and feeling it working already!

I am a lot more tired and flulike than I ever was with boot camp. I do sleep about 5-7 hours a night but I feel like it’s still not quite enough.  Very tired in the morning, my energy these days usually doesn’t kick in until 12-1 pm now.  I’m also sore but not in the injury/overuse sore (like I said last time) A friend of mine said that this tiredness is also in part from my body eating up the existing fat (since I am eating pretty low cal this week).  Go ahead little muscles. I’ve got all the fat you could possibly want. Eat up! LOL

As for MS I actually struggled a little with 20 reps on the legs.  I especially struggle with the moves that involve moving with the hips (Lifting my leg to the side especially). I am also barely able to make it through the arms and abs. Right when I am about to feel “I need a break” she goes to the next move.  The ab work really makes me feel it in both my upper and lower abs.  Lately it’s been hurting to laugh. This is a good thing!

By some strange miracle- I have done 30 minutes of cardio both days so far.  I do tire during it but I make absolute sure that I DO NOT stop moving. Even if I am keeping it low impact, I keep moving my whole body, arms included (also very tiring). I know I worked out hard enough because within a couple minutes I am sweaty and tomato red, and I make sure I stay that way until the 30 minutes is up.

The scale has also been going down.  I will not officially “Weigh in” until every 10 days is up.  However, so far I have lost about 4.6 pounds since Monday. Not bad.  I am also still keeping to the Nutrient Boost diet even though I do sneak a couple of bites here and there of other foods, mostly proteins. I am also starting to see VISUAL results- some of my outer thighs is starting to go, the tummy feels flatter and I feel like I stand straighter when I walk. Arms I am starting to see a little as well, and my lower legs (more by my ankles) looks like it’s starting to slim a little.

I also found out a friend of mine is starting her Omnicentric Metamorphosis journey today! So excited! A girl can never have enough support/workout buddies, especially ones who are doing the same thing!

Looking forward to the morning of day 11 when I take my official weight and measurements!

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  1. The leg work kills me so bad!
    Keep up the good work! :D
    I'm typing up my day 1 post now. :3