Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 9 Boot Camp

Hello Everyone!
Day 9 went so-so, at least workout wise.   I did do my workout but something just didn't feel right in my knees, so I had to go a little lower impact than I'd have liked.  I only did 25 reps of MS (my body just was in general feeling funky, I didn't sleep well the night before so that could be the reason) Cardio sucked that day. My legs felt like lead and didn't want to dance. I forced it, but I took frequent breaks.
I did keep to my diet of course, and speaking of, I have come to a realization that being vegan/ovo vegetarian seems to be really good for my body.

1. My Irritable Bowel Syndrome problems are non-existent when I eat like this.  Meat and even grains seem to make me feel miserable later on. 

 2. The weight loss. The weight has been falling off since I gave up meat and grains.  

3. Cost. Vegetables cost money but meat is even more expensive.

Also I do not want to have any part of fake meat, like soy hot dogs and all that crap. It's vegan, yes, but it's still processed with a bunch of crap I don't want in my body.  Also I have tried a soy dog before. Yuck.
A friend of mine sent me a book called “Supermarket Vegan” by Donna Klein, which I have just begun to be looking into.

I also have my list ready for my Metamorphosis diet week 1, the list of ingredients is pretty short but the quantities are bigger.  I have a lot of Tupperware so it will be fine. I plan on cooking/blending it all up on Sunday for the week.   Are any of you doing the Meta diet by the plan?

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