Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Turbo Fire Day 9- Good, Bad, Ugly

Hello everyone.

Yesterday has had 3 parts. Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Let's begin.

Good- I did my 8th day of Turbo Fire! HIIT 20! And at first I didn't go too full-out because I had to learn it.  When the drills were repeated, I did better and better! Woohoo!

Bad- I almost didn't do said workout.  I was STARTING to make excuses in my head again. No no no! 

Ugly-....Well, the short story is I overate. AGAIN. A LOT.  3000+ calories.  I know I am PMSing and stuff but this is really fucking ridiculous, and I decided I have to come clean on here for accountability's sake. These workouts (and my hormones) really make me want to eat a small city out of house and home.   This morning it all started with a Larabar (which are very very good tasting considering these were literally just peanuts and dates) then led to me eating... Brace yourselves- a huge bag of potato chips (WHY?!?!! I have no idea!) and then for dinner- a meal from Burger King.  I felt absolutely horrible about it.  I still kinda do.

I then decided that today, I MUST exercise self control.  There is simply no excuse.  So, we'll try again today.

How do you guys handle new-workout-hunger?

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