Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turbo Fire Day 2

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was my second day of Turbo Fire, and it was the day I feared most- My first HIIT workout!

Today was 15 minutes, with lots of squats and about 7 drills lasting about 35 minutes each.

I honestly thought I was going to keel over and die, based on what I read about HIIT but that was not the case.  Yes, you go hard.  Hard for what YOU can do on that day. And I did.  I admit not QUITE so hard (but hard enough) as I'd have liked but it was my first day and I was learning.

Going to post my weight next Monday. I have also been good keeping my carbohydrates under 100. Just under, today.  I also for kicks took a ketosis test with those pee strips and I am, in fact, in ketosis. A small amount, but it's still ketosis which means I am burning my body fat!

So tomorrow is my rest day (aside from walking), then no more HIIT until next Tuesday.

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