Saturday, September 29, 2012

Better Than Expected. Kinda.

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to say that I have successfully made it through one day of my new plan.  I even had fast food today (I was out all morning) but thanks to internet research and the fact that more fast food places actually list the calorie content on their menus now, I was able to make choices for food I both liked and fit into my calorie count.  At least in the daytime.

Breakfast: McDonalds

1 sausage biscuit sandwich - 430 
1 hash brown- 150
Large nonfat, sugar free iced latte- 60

Total for breakfast: 640

Lunch: Taco Bell

3 Crunchy Beef Tacos - 510
Large Diet Coke - 0

Total for Breakfast: 510

Dinner: Home cooked food

2 cups of stir fry vegetables flavored with tamari sauce and a little oil - 100 
1 cup of vegetable soup - 45  
1 scoop of Vanilla Sun Warrior Protein (mixed with water) - 70

Total for dinner: 215


1 Tablespoon of Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil (as a supplement) - 120

Total Calories Consumed: 1485
Calorie goal: 1460

See? Everything went well. Until after my workout and I became the Epic Hunger Monster of Doom.  I partially blame it to my small dinner and evening workout.  I usually become bloody ravenous after I work out, especially as intense as Turbo Jam.

I did my workout about 9 pm, and very soon after, I was starving. Hard. Core. STARVING.  Like I could literally eat the paint off my walls.  So, I headed to Subway.

I got myself a foot long Italian BMT with a ton of veggies on it.  1,180 calories. Holy Shit.  However, due to the intense workout I did and the walking, that just about covered my extra "exercise calories".  According to MyFitnessPal, this means I am still under my calorie limit to lose at least 2 pounds of fat a week. 

Now, on to the subject of exercise:  I did walk for 30 minutes when I was out, and I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party 1. (No abs or sculpt yet)

I have a bunch more Turbo Jams.  I actually have three cardio parties.  The first one, then there's a 2 and 3, and then there's another cardio DVD called Punch, Kick, Jam.

After doing TJ Cardio Party 1, I am going to just stick with the first one for a while, I had to take 2 breaks while doing my best.  There is also an "Ab Jam" which is 20 mins of ab stuff (that they say can be done daily)  that I didn't do yesterday but likely will soon.  There is also a "Turbo Sculpt" workout which is strength training, mostly body weight and with 3-5 lb weights (for women) and 8-10 (for men). 

Since this is all cardio, I am going to be adding in some strength training too.  I am going to use the Turbo Sculpt that came with Turbo Jam on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Also, since I am PMSing hard core and it's the weekend, I am going to use this weekend as practice so I can really do good next week with my updated weight and stuff.

Also, I am going to try to work out earlier in the day so all my hunger is reserved for when it needs to  be- DAYTIME!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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