Monday, September 17, 2012

Change of course.

Hello everyone!

I have tried all of the Addicted to Sweat DVDs and I have come to a conclusion:

I am not ready for the DVDs. Either one. Why?  Because I am simply too big at this point to do them safely and with good form.  I can DO the exercises but my body's excess size and weight makes keeping good, safe form very difficult, if not impossible; some moves I have to skip altogether (especially in the towel workout).  The chair workout is more doable but I have high concern for my safety while stepping up on a metal folding chair doing the workout while weighing what I do.

So, the new course of action is this:

I will try doing a round (20 weeks) of Turbo Fire to try to get fitter and burn off this lard so I can get in good enough shape to do ATS. Also, walking on my off day (Wednesdays).  Active rest is still rest.

As much as I love the DVDs, I am going to do something else (while still strengthening and burning fat off) to get better at it, Turbo Fire is much more fatty-friendly.  What I mean by "fatty friendly" is that they have a modification option for those of us who can't jump so much and still get a hell of a workout.

As for diet, low carb it is. 

I will be updating my myfitnesspal and I have a thing on  If you want to add me as a friend, my username is asagi722. 

Taking measurements tonight and weighing in on my Ninendo Wii in the morning.

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  1. Have you tried Turbo Kick before? Are you taking Turbo Fire as a class somewhere? I haven't found 1 yet but Turbo Kick is my absolute favorite kickboxing and it's fun and goes by quickly. Turbo Fire is by the same creator so I'm sure you will love it too :)