Friday, September 14, 2012

Addicted to Sweat DVD 4 Review!

Hello everyone!

Last but not least, DVD 4~

Warm up- 4:19- Doing various stretches and warm ups using the chair.  Lots of plies.

Tutorial- 12:04- lots of useful information about form, making sure you have a sturdy chair, non-slick surface, and other safety advice as well as plenty of modifications to moves.  The towel wasn't so modification-intensive as this is, which is a good thing.

Workout- 20:57- the actual workout, lots of different things done with the chair to tone up the butt/core/legs but I can see the arms would get a little workout too (moreso in the towel workout)

Cool Down- 7:25- Stretching and loosening up using the chair, pretty self-explanitory.

My opinion- this is a workout that doesn't LOOK too hard but probably kills once you do it.

Tomorrow- My reviews of how the workouts actually went! (I'm trying them all!)

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