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More Addicted to Sweat Questions Answered!

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I found yet another article on Addicted to Sweat and it actually answered a few questions I had.  This is an interview on fitperez with Nicole Winhoffer.

"Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness has finally launched their fitness DVD — Addicted to Sweat!
It features exclusive programs created by Madonna and taught by her personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer!
Luckily, we were able to land an exclusive interview about the DVD, and were able to ask the questions we know you're ALL wondering about!
Here's what we asked:
Do you have to be a girl to fully benefit from this style of exercise, or can men join in as well?
This workout is effective for all levels of fitness, male or female, because it challenges the mind and the body using unconventional- toning, conditioning, speed & agility, strengthening, flexibility, endurance exercises. In all of Hard Candy Fitness Gym Chains both male and female members participate and see startling results.
How does age factor in to the progressive intensity of the DVD's — we know Madge isn't the youngest, but she's kept up with herself for a long time already.
In each program, you gradually build up to a certain level. How quickly you get there is entirely up to you dependent on how hard you work, your persistence, and dedication.
Is this a program that would be better considered for maintaining, or would you recommend this for people looking to lose a substantial amount of weight?
The DVD's can be used as both weight loss and maintenance. The DVDs include informative tutorials and move modifications for each routine, which are designed to be used for all levels of fitness.
The degree of difficulty is challenging and guarantees results.
How much space is required to perform these exercises?
All the routines were designed so that they could be done in your living room without much equipment required. For example, no equipment is required for the cardio-dance
DVDs and for the Jawbreaker DVDs, all you need is a chair and a towel.
Does Madge make any appearances?
She does not other than her image on the DVD cover, although her influence and spirit can be felt throughout the DVD series.
Does this come on bluray?
As of now, there is no plan to manufacture these into bluray format.
Would you recommend any other training to work in conjunction with this? Weights?
Because the DVDs have a dance foundation, all muscles are utilized. We are getting a full body workout - toning, strengthening, and improving flexibility in every muscle of the body. We are working on our endurance, speed, and agility within the low-intensity and high-intensity cardio positions of the DVD. The body is being conditioned from every angle, every speed, every angle. We touch on every possible muscle throughout the workout, and the routines were created with this goal in mind.
How long have you been working with Madonna?
I'm a classically trained professional dancer. On her Sticky and Sweet Tour her previous trainer was recruiting professional dancers for the cardio portion of her workout. After the tour finished, I immersed myself in physiology, anatomy, and kinetics and now I'm her primary trainer. It's been 3 years.
Is it hard to learn the dance routines of this exercise?
There is a very thorough tutorial included in the series and modifications for each move. We wanted the routines to be challenging, but also design them so that people at various fitness levels can see great results. To accomplish anything you always have to be one step ahead and striving toward something. We are very excited to have everyone doing the dances that we do in our workouts!
How long did it take you to create all these routines?
Madonna opened up her first Hard Candy Fitness location in Mexico City October 2010. I traveled ahead to teach the instructors and members our workout. On opening night, Madonna led the class and we all had an amazing workout. The entire gym was so inspired by the class that Hard Candy Fitness decided to make it an official Madonna signature class. From there, the routines have expanded, pulling inspiration from art, dance, and music.
What if you're not a very good dancer?
It’s about moving in your body. Making a relationship with it and being aware. No matter what level you are at, persistence and dedication can get anyone the results they desire with this workout, no matter if you are a great dancer or not.
Is this considered low-impact cardio?
Yes, because no extra weights are used, it utilizes your own body weight.
Is this supposed to burn fat? Tone muscles? Both?
Both! There are 4 DVD's in the set: 2 toning + 2 cardio. We touch upon every muscle and it's challenging, fun, and sexy. You really feel like a completely different person when you finish the DVD.
How often should someone be doing this workout?
To get results, no matter what workout program you are doing, I recommend at least 30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of toning including arms, abs, legs, and back, 5-6 days /week. With Addicted to Sweat, that is all built in!
What kind of diet do you recommend along with a workout like this? Anything particular like high-protein, or lowcarb
or something crazier?
My rule of thumb is to be aware of what you are putting in your body. Food is fuel. Make sure what you are giving your body is just what your body needs. Focus on super-foods rich with fiber, minerals, iron, and vitamins. Give your body the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat as the furnace for energy.
These programs were previously only available for those who joined the Hard Candy Fitness Club locations… so we're glad to see the secrets revealed!"

So there you have it~ For more info about this interview, click here. 

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