Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ok so.. I actually TRIED the workouts.

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I tried DVD 1 just to see how it is actually like.

I tried one dance, just to see how learnable it is and how good of a teacher Nicole is.

I was pleasantly surprised. 

I followed along the tutorial in front the mirror part once.  Then, I went to the breakdown section.  She kept doing little by little parts, building up and repeating yet done to full tempo. I was intimidated. However, here's what happened!

1. I was able to keep up. Her dancing really isn't as "jumpy" as Tracy Anderson.

2. Before I knew it, the 10 minutes was up and I was dripping in sweat. It felt like 5 minutes, max.  This was one incident when they say "You have so much fun you don't realize you're working out."  And I hate exercise and loved it.

So, in short, DVD 1 is a YES!  It's great, even if you're not the best dancer. 

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