Thursday, September 13, 2012

Addicted to Sweat DVD 3 Review!

Hello everyone!

Today is- you guessed it- the breakdown of DVD 3~!

Warm up- 3:34- Looks very similar to the first DVD. In fact, I think it IS the same.  But that's okay. It's a good warmup.

Ride the Horse (Dance 1) 3:39- Nicole teaching the dance piece by piece, slowly and at tempo explaining the movies.

Ride the Horse (Breakdown) 11:16- 11 minutes of full tempo dancing, piece by piece and adding on. Definitely more intense and complex than DVD 1.

Drop Down (Dance 2) 3:02- Same as the tutorial for dance 1.

Drop Down (Breakdown)- 9:37- full tempo- this dance is serious business. Lots of kicking, doing half burpees, Again, not for the faint of heart.

Hop Forward (Dance 3) 4:26- Same as all tutorials.

Hop Forward (Breakdown)- 11:01 Lots of kicks and really fast footwork. 

Bonus Performances- 4:35- Nicole performing all 3 dances again, like disc 1, like a mini music video.

Cool Down- 4:33- Slowing down a bit, again also looks the same as disc 1.  Again, cooldowns really don't need to be different.

My 2 cents- NOT for people who haven't done DVD 1 or danced at all in their life. Nope nope nope. However it does look like a great workout once you master the basics. 

Tomorrow- the fourth and final DVD- the chair workout!

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