Saturday, September 22, 2012

Turbo Fire Day 5

Hello everyone!

I did 5 days of Turbo Fire so far as of the end of yesterday!  Today was the "55 EZ" class.

I have no fucking clue why they call it "EZ".  Nothing really "EZ" about it!
However, I kicked its ass!

Challenge accepted!

It was very challenging but I am surprised I made it through.  I am quite pleased.  However I can't complain that today's workout will be shorter, haha!

Also, I want to remind people that just because I am very obese and able to do Turbo Fire doesn't mean someone else in my situation may  be able to.  Always check with your doctor.  I couldn't shake the feeling that someone could happen upon my blog, be totally  not fit enough for Turbo Fire yet and then do it and get injured and discouraged.  Just thought I'd let that off my chest. 

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