Friday, September 7, 2012

Couch to 5K

Hello everyone!

I decided that I want to start getting into jogging. Not running, per say, but jogging.  As an out of shape couch potato, I decided I would like to try the infamous Couch to 5K program as well as my Addicted to Sweat DVDs and Power Yoga when they get here. 

Here's how I want my workouts to look while I am training for this.

3x a week- jogging practice
Other 3 days- Power Yoga (as much as I can)
1 day- Rest
6 days- Addicted to Sweat

This is just a tentative thing, I will change accordingly.  I may even drag out my Couch to 5K by doing every  week's worth of running twice, if I feel the pace is going too fast.

And yes, Madonna does still jog and does her yoga. THAT'S how she got those arms (yoga, that is) 

And yes, my goal is to get a similar body to hers. That's what got me even into Tracy Anderson to begin with.

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