Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Addicted to Sweat DVD 2 Review!

Hello everyone!

Below is my DVD 2 review!  You'll need 3 hand towels.

1. Warm up- 4:50-  You do use the towels in this warm up. Lots of stretching, plies, squats, etc.

2. Tutorial- 11:23- Nicole goes in more detail about how to do the workouts properly.  Very important to read before starting. She discusses the surface to use, if you have carpet, use paper plates or furniture mover discs but the best results are towels on a slick floor (like tile).  She also discusses form for some of the moves as well as ways to slow it down and modify a bit, making the moves more fluid as you get stronger.

3. The workout - 19:17- The actual workout! Everything you learned in tutorial and more, goes at a decent pace.

4. Cool down- 8:23- Longer than Disc 1's warm up, but a lot of stretching. 

My opinion- Yes, it is a short workout. Spoiler- DVD 4 (chair work) is also 20 minutes, just long enough to do both every day.  I think that was their intention- to do one after the next with the toning. I'll go more into what the chair involves soon. 

Have a great day everyone and remember- No sweat, no candy!

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