Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 39 and 40 Metamorphosis

Hi guys!

I am soo sorry for the lack of posting these past few days. I have been holed up writing a term paper for my human development class. I had to choose three developmental periods and for each, pick a fictional character that shows the appropriate behaviors and one that is not accurate.  Harder than it sounded! But that's all over and done with for now.

As for working out, the last 2 days of level 4 I just did my MS because I had no time. I needed to get that paper done or accept a zero. 

I also came across a very interesting video. It's called "Fat Head" and is a documentary, the anti- "Super Size Me". 

To give it a look, click here.

Today I am supposed to be starting Meta level 5, let's see if I get that done. I have a lot of running around to do tonight. Over the weekend plan is to start learning the DVD dance cardio- the choreographed kind. More on that next time!

Have a great Friday!

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  1. congrats on making it to level 5! She brings back those damn planks though :(