Tuesday, May 31, 2011

T-minus ONE day to bootcamp- saying my final goodbyes!

Hello everyone!

Today is a sad day (at least for the fat girl in my head who’s about to be evicted), my last day to eat whatever sort of garbage I have been filling my body with for the past, ever. When I say "saying my goodbyes" it's to food, not life!

Today is my farewell to meat and junk, which may be for the better because recently I have developed Irritable Bowel. Lately when I drink coffee, eat meat (especially beef), or really spicy food, let’s just say I pay dearly for it later on. Hopefully this diet will not only help me lose weight but suffer less as well.

Tonight- cut up my bell peppers and onions for eggs tomorrow, make my green bean lunch, and make my gazpacho for snack (I work tomorrow so this all has to be done tonight so I can take it with). Dinner I think I’ll be able to make fresh, it’s grilled tofu and vegetables I think, and that won’t take too long. Lastly, I have to brew myself some iced tea. I have 2 water bottles at home, one for tea and one for water. The tea one has a wider mouth that I can just drop the tea bags in and let it cold brew.

I will be posting pics of the food I make, video may take time, I am having a little bit of technical difficulties with the camera. I will also be taking before pics (ghastly I swear) that I may or may not make fully public. Also, measurements and weight first thing tomorrow morning. Tomorrow has to be a night workout because I work, cardio tomorrow is only 10 minutes (following her “absolute beginner” cardio plan because I am a lot more out of shape than I realized, especially after yesterday’s badminton.) of step-touching.

Well, I hope your post-holiday weekend (for us Americans) gets off to a good start!

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