Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pregnancy Tips from Tracy Anderson

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With the recent release of her pregnancy workout DVDs, Tracy Anderson has some tips for women to follow while pregnant.

In an article on, Tracy gives the following advice-

  • During your pregnancy, it’s most important to listen to your own body; don’t let yourself get overheated and don’t exercise in heated conditions.  Understand that the pregnancy is a journey that has many different stages, so what feels good during one month, might not the next.
  • During pregnancy, as it applies to cardio, every woman needs to listen to herself and not a coach. For me, jumping does not feel right, so the only cardio I do during pregnancy is walking.
  • Exercise is great for circulation and maintaining the connection to the body and the changes you experience.
  • Muscular structure work, which can be found in my new series Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project, is great for pregnant women, It allows the body to do what it needs to do for pregnancy, while keeping the woman connected to her muscles and empowering them to work for them: to be ready to get their bodies back post pregnancy.
  • Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water is always important, especially in during your pregnancy.
  • After giving birth, it’s very important to not exercise before your doctor releases you.  You can actually cause your abs to stay separated if you work out too soon. Let the body heal and come back together, and as soon as your doctor releases you, take your exercise regimen seriously. Carve out time for someone to watch your baby or have your baby in a swing with you, so you can do your exercises at home.  Exercising in front of your children sets a great example for them when they’re older!
She also has a product suggestion for stretchmark prevention- Mama Mio's Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter- 35$ found here:

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