Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hello everyone!

Today was not nearly as good as yesterday.  More on my feelings after I share what went down.


Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal (2 packets)  320 cals


1 cup of pinto beans with a little sea salt 120 cals

Dinner: (where it all went haywire)

1 bean burrito from Taco Bell  370 cals
4 crunchy tacos from Taco Bell  680 cals
2 pieces of fried chicken   470 cals

Dessert: (like I needed it?)

1/4 small jar of Nutella     500 cals

Total calories eaten-  2.460.

Dinner just went haywire.  Honestly I do not know what was going through my head.  Initially, yes, I was hungry. Taco Bell fixed that.  The chicken and the Nutella?  Not so much.  I think this was done out of stress and distraction because I was also working on some homework and really wasn't considering what I was eating.  When I finished was when I was like... Oh shit.  

Also the only workout that got done yesterday was a 30 minute walk.

Now here's the part where I go into a spiraling pity party about how I am going to "start all over".

Just kidding!

 Ok, so I messed up yesterday. Today is a new day, and already at the time of this posting I have made good choices, so I am off on the right foot.

As for starting over with Metamorphosis, I remembered something that Tracy posted online a while back when it came to missed days.

Miss less than a week- pick up where you left off.

Miss over a week- restart the level of meta.

Miss over a month- start over fresh.

 So, the moral of the story is I had a slip up, today is a new day, and there is no reason why my workout and better eating should not happen today. The end.

Wow. That is a huge change from my usual thinking.  It was actually very hard to type that, even though I KNOW it to be true.  Felt good but uncomfortable to get it into words.

Well, anyway.  Today should go much better and I hope to post about how well I did!

have a great day!


  1. Don't beat yourself up, Roxy...we ALL have days like that. I had a sprint of 3 bad eating days and gained 9 pounds last week. UGH. I hate starting over, but we just have to stay positive and keep going! xxoo

    1. Yeah I have a really BAD all-or-nothing complex when it comes to weight loss (which is probably why I am still obese and keep failing) but this time around I am really working hard to forgive myself. Sounds like an easy thing that anyone would do, but for some people (perfectionists like me) it's like pulling teeth!