Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hello everyone!

Today (yesterday by the time you read this) was a so-so day. Didn't have the best TYPES of food but still kept the portions and calories in check.  


Dunkin Donuts egg/bacon wrap 210 calories
Large skim iced latte 160 calories


10 pieces of McDonald's chicken nuggets 460 calories


1 Garlic bagel 330 calories
3 ounces of warm ham slices (put on the bagel like a sandwich) 150 calories
1 cup of chocolate almond milk  120 calories

Total calories eaten: 1430

No meta today.  I am very exhausted and I am listening to my body.  I haven't been sleeping as long as I should be and today I was shlepping all over the place (walking.). (I actually just woke up from being slumped over at my desk passed out to write this post, haha)

I also realize that I really really SHOULD do my meta during the morning or daytime.  It is way more motivating then than it is at 9 pm (at least for me).  Going to bed early tonight, then going to attempt to wake up well rested and get my workout in in the morning. 

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