Sunday, October 21, 2012

Brown Rice vs White

Hello everyone!

So, like most people, I keep hearing all the time about how brown rice is good for you and white rice is so bad, don't eat it, etc.

I decided to do a little research on this, like how much of a difference does it REALLY make?

1. The glycemic index factor.  White rice does have a higher GI.  However, many experts say that eating foods based on their GI actually is somewhat irrelevant.  Some foods that are higher in GI are actually more nutritious than any given lower GI food.  Also there are lots of factors that affect GI.  

2. Calories.  White rice has more calories than brown rice, but not by much.  White rice has 242 calories per cup and brown has 216.  Not much difference.

3. Fiber.  Yes, brown rice has much more fiber than white but some people may find it hard to digest.

4. Taste.  These rices do taste quite different.  Brown is more chewy and "nutty".  I actually prefer white rice based on taste alone.

5. Cooking time.  Brown rice takes a bit more work to cook.  Usually I end up soaking it overnight before cooking (which also takes longer) while I can just throw some white rice in the rice cooker and have at it.

6. Cost and shelf life.  If you have to be very frugal (like I do these days), keep in mind that brown rice spoils way faster than white rice. Brown rice has oils in the outer layer that do go rancid. White rice can be kept quite a bit longer.

7. Gluten.  Both rices are gluten free and safe for celiacs (as far as I know).

So, in the end, brown rice or white rice is really a matter of personal preference.  They each have their pros and cons. They can both be healthy when eaten in moderation.  Most people should not be eating massive quantities of either rice, or any food for that matter.

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