Thursday, May 26, 2011

New phone!!! Also t-minus 5 days til boot camp!

Hello everyone!!

 Last night I ended up getting a new toy: iPhone 4! And a pretty white one too.  Now that I have all these apps at my disposal, the next step is to pick some for my dieting endeavor.

I have downloaded the LoseIt! App and the Shopping List Free app.  Both apps are free, LoseIt! Helps keep track of calories, your weight, record what you eat.  Shopping List Free I got to help me make lists for my boot camp and after without carrying a paper list around.  I’m trying to make as much use of the phone’s features as I can.

What apps do you guys use- diet related and not, free and not free?

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  1. I use dailyburn - it has a big database of exercises and their calorie burn, although not TAM yet (sad face). I also use a pedometer app to track my walks with the stroller.