Thursday, May 12, 2011

Preparing for my pre-bootcamp routine

Hi everyone!

Today is the last day of finals for me (I know I tweeted that I wouldn't be posting for a while, but I found the time!) and that means I am going to be doing some pre-bootcamp stuff.  

After all this time sitting around in class, my legs need some serious loosening as does the rest of my body. So, I will be doing the following~

1. Stretch daily. It's depressing how stiff I have become! 
2. Nightly (or daily, whenever) walks for at least 30 minutes. I do start getting out of breath more easily and that's never good.
3. Be more mindful of my eating, instead of indiscriminately eating however much of whatever is in reach. Sure, I won't be really anal about it (yet) but if I can shed a few pounds before starting boot camp, all the better. 
4. Perhaps work in some Ballet Beautiful, the TA webisodes or the Mat workout to get myself a little stronger as well. 

I have come up with COMPLETE grocery lists for the Vegetarian plan. With amounts. Next step is working on making it more cost effective. Going to scope out a couple of fruit markets tomorrow evening and price some things. I'll list prices (ex: the fruit market vs. grocery delivery services like peapod, etc).  My goal is to make it as cost effective as I can without altering the original plan in any way.

I will also figure out a way to make these lists into PDF form (so you can print and take them with you to the store should you decide to do as I do) and downloadable. I still need to fine-tune the lists (I think I missed a couple of the spices the recipes call for) but they will be up soon.

Alright, off to take my Final FINAL!

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