Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rethinking again...

Hello everyone!

Well, I decided to try a day in the life on the Elimination diet from Dr. Junger.  I hate to say this and I hate to sound like a copout, but...  No bueno. I'm not even cleansing and I felt awful, headaches, had to sleep more, the whole deal.  I think I will put off the clean program until I slim down a little and get used to changing my food habits. I never was one to do well on anything cold turkey.

I also decided that since I am starting her 30 day method on June 1, I want to also follow her vegetarian meal plan.  Why vegetarian? 

1. I do notice that meat sometimes makes me feel icky and tired. 
2. Cost. I hear 1 week of the meat-included diet plan is about 100$ in groceries. The veg plan is at least half that if not less.  Also the vegetarian food looks easier to make and delicious.
3. In the past when I have tried more vegetarian options of food, (TMI alert) my bowels acted a lot better, no constipation or any of the stuff that normally happens to me. 

Also this week when I get paid, I am ordering a snazzy new juicer and a blender off of amazon!  They are both inexpensive models that got rave reviews from consumer reports (only better ones were the 200+ Brevilles and Vitamixes).



Lastly, since I am totally inept at accurately measuring my body with a regular tape measure (because I can't seem to ever hold it straight), I am also going to pick up an Accumeasure Myotape-

I know a lot of people bash Tracy's diet, but I really want to "try it before I knock it". Also she does say you can eat more as in bigger portions if your body is telling you it's hungry. 

Ideally, I want to do what a friend of mine did when she did boot camp- daily videos and pictures of her foods.  I don't really see why I can't do that.

In preparation for the bootcamp, I will start walking almost every night for 30-60 mins depending on how I feel (tired, sick, etc) to start building up some stamina and maybe even shed a few pounds before starting. 

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Hey! I'll be starting BC soon too, although I may not stick to the diet 100%, I WILL be eating healthy and clean throughout. Just waiting on Amazon to deliver book and blender too! Good luck!

  2. That's awesome! When do you think you will be starting?