Friday, May 20, 2011

New Appliances! YAY!

Hello everyone!

Today was a horribly tiring day, I was asked to come in 4 hours early to work (more money yes, but tiring just the same) and work got totally insane especially toward the end of the day.

However, I came home to 2 new friends on the doorstep!  Mr. Blender and Mr. Juicer! I tiredly, yet excitedly carried them up to my apartment.   I only got so far as taking the two boxes out of the main shipping box because I have to make room on the counter to put them (Damn you, small kitchen!)   I also got myself a few more things for Boot Camp- an 8x8 baking pan for my lasagna (the only baking pan I had was a huge turkey/roast sized roaster) , some olive oil spray, and a couple of jars of organic pasta sauce. Couldn't find sugar-free pasta sauce, but this is at least organic and it was on sale too. Organic cane sugar was one of the last ingredients, (Compared to other brands when it was like, the second or third ingredient!) so I feel a little better about my choice.

I will take pretty pictures of my 2 new friends when I open them up and give them some nice counter space. 

I hope you all had a great Friday (Some of you might have gotten paid- Lucky ducks!) and have a great weekend!

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