Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boot Camp T-minus 2 days, also blended and juiced today.

Hi everyone!

I finally got around to testing out my juicer and blender, and I am quite pleased.  I also have ALL of my food until next Sunday purchased. It's only 5 days worth but I think some of it will end up being frozen for later. 

I decided to try my hand at some strawberry lemonade, made from real lemons and real strawberries.

Step 1- lemonade!

For the lemon juice, I used the juicer.   One thing I will say about my juicer is that it's friggin LOUD. I mean LOUD. However, despite the loud, it made a good amount of juice out of my lemons REALLY fast.  As for wasted juice, I doubt there was any, as the pulp left over felt like slightly moistened soil/sawdust. got almost 1 cup (240 ml) of jucie from 5 lemons. I would do one thing differently and that would be to peel the lemons before juicing. I think  because I left the skin on it, it left a slight bitterness.  Also the juicer was easy to clean, I had it clean in 5 minutes maximum.

Step 2 - Berries!
After chopping up the strawberries and cutting off the leaves, the blender also made REALLY short work of them when it comes to pureeing. I finished the job by pouring the lemon juice, some sugar and some water in the blender and just had it gently stir.  :)

I also am all ready to start my bootcamp. Scared but excited! I work on the first day which is kind of a bummer but since I am just step touching cardio (and no work the next day) I think I'll be fine.  I also expect Lady Gaga to be making musical appearances as well.  I am loving her new CD. 

Have a happy Memorial Day, enjoy the food (it's only one meal!) and get back on track the next day!

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