Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some taste testing...

Hi everyone!

This morning, I decided to use up some of the spare mushrooms and eggs I have in the fridge.  I made a recipe from the book-  Mushroom Omelet roll up.

I have all of the ingredients except the spinach, but I already know that I like spinach.

The result: Deliciousness and fillingness! Also didn't leave me feeling heavy and weighed down.  Adding spinach probably would have made it even more filling, since it adds more fiber to it.

Second taste test: Neuro Sonic.

I tasted it, and to be honest, I am not in love with the taste. It has an odd tropical fruit taste that just didn't jive with me. If it tasted like the Neuro Bliss, I'd be all for it.  Did it give me any energy? Actually, yeah it kind of did.  I was feeling pretty run down when I drank it, then I felt like I got a gentle second wind.

Oh- came across these articles about Tracy, noticed they both mentioned 2 things I adore: Juicy Couture and Tracy Anderson!

I would love to have a Choose Tracy shirt. <3

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