Friday, May 13, 2011

Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method COMPLETE Vegetarian Ingredient List

Hi everyone!

Finals are done done DONESKI!  

Tonight- I go to my local fruit market (which I have never been to!) to go pricing! How am I doing this?  I went through and wrote down in painstaking detail every ingredient I will need during the 30 days. Not amounts, just the name of the ingredient.  

I will then go to the market and write down the unit prices (price per lb, each, etc) of each ingredient to help me plan better the costs, since I will only be buying what I need, using measurements and unit prices to approximate costs.

And if you want to follow the vegetarian plan, here is the excel sheet I made- for you to print out and use. 

I may or may not do the regular meal plan list also. Depends on  how much time but it's likely I will do so even though I am not following it.  Anything I can do that will help you guys is fine by me!

I will put up my prices and tentative cost per week soon! Off to work for now, I am actually excited to be going produce window shopping. 

Have a great Friday!

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  1. I am on day three. Looking for some support!
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