Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Message from Tracy!

Hello everyone!

For my fellow American readers, this coming Monday is Memorial day, which usually means grilling time! But this post isn't about that. I would like to share with you Tracy's message for Memorial Day-

She addresses why she wants us to do 6 days a week. Also, this is from the Metamorphosis community forum, which not all of us have access to (unless you have the Metamorphosis set of your own)

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are all having an incredible week and welcome to all of the newcomers who have just joined the Meta Community this week! It’s so exciting for me to see the number of members increase each week and as always, please let me know any ways you would like to see this community improve and post any questions that you have. This week I am going to answer a question I received a few weeks ago that was posted to this site.
Most trainers say to take a day off between muscle workouts, why do you recommend six days in a row?
My method does not apply to this generic advice, particularly because in order to transform, you need to activate your muscles and keep them engaged daily. I am not creating the kind of joint stress or tear in the muscles that this advice may be referring to, the method is not a heavy body-building bulking workout. With my method, it is very important to move your body 6 days a week and keep your muscles active so that you can create long, lean muscles. We are balancing your muscles, waking up smaller accessory muscles, creating better skin tone, and building up endurance so your mood and energy are elevated and also consistent. We also need to be able to enjoy food for the health of our brain and bodies. The adage of “calories in, calories out” is a much more factual piece of advice and can help you realize the importance of daily exercise. In order to maintain a healthy weight and to not have to commit to a restrictive diet, we all have to not only exercise, but we need to exercise as regularly as possibly. You are how you move, just like you are how you eat! This is why I have spent over a decade creating this solution and have brought it all to you with Metamorphosis.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Keep sending me your success stories and pictures.

She is basically explaining to us why we have to (or should) work out so often- most fitness trainers say work muscles every other day because in traditional fitness, you are tearing muscle and stressing joints so they need that day of rest. Tracy's method does not tear you up- if it did we would bulk a lot and be VERY sore ladies and gentlemen. Also, she confirms the reality that we do need to enjoy food but to keep our weight down (and mood stable) we need to move. It really is a fantasy that you can work out here and there, eat whatever and lose weight. Most of us aren't blessed with the luxury of a fast natural metabolism. Of course, to lose the weight we do need to restrict our diets a bit, but once we're in maintenance mode, we still have to keep up the workouts if we want to indulge. 

Also, for those who missed it- Tracy had an opportunity for fans in the LA area to come work out with her!

Also she is supposed to be on Access Hollywood tonight! 

I will post again soon, gearing up for the final days before bootcamp!

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