Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi everyone!

I just ordered my new blender, juicer, and steamer basket. (I noticed there's a lot of steaming going on in this diet plan) Should be here next week, very excited! 

Going to take a walk today if I have time (and if the weather permits, it's cold and rainy today), I still have a lot of cleaning at home to do, I am on day 2 of spring cleaning, and when I spring clean I get very detailed about it, cleaning out closets, moving furniture, the whole deal. Also I want a nice clean place to do my workouts, especially for cardio. Worrying about crashing into/tripping over things is something I don't need.

I am really excited about the new appliances and starting bootcamp and all that good stuff. After finding out each "serving size ____" recipe makes 2 portions, I have to adjust my shopping lists so that I just buy ingredients for one serving (except the lasagna). 

Another question for you fellow cooking lovers- chopping up bell peppers and onions, keeping them in a container in the fridge, how long do they usually last? Would a week be ok, since I am buying new every week?  A lot of the recipes call for small amounts of chopped peppers and onions, and for convenience's sake I thought about chopping a bunch of it, and measuring out what I need as I need it. 

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. yes! It should last for a week if you buy it fresh (sometimes I notice Trader Joe's produce doesn't last quite as long though)

    (p.s. found your blog via the TAM facebook page. I'm on my second week of META. You can check out my first week's experience here if you're interested:

  2. I'd say just under a week. What blender and juicer did you get? I got a blender before starting and love love love it, but wondering if I can make juice in it or need to get a juicer. It also didn't hold up pureeing the veggie burger mix, I had to do it in smaller batches to grind down all the chickpeas. Even then, it didn't hold together in the pan as it was way too liquidy. We had veggie chickpea slime instead - it was still yummy!

  3. I got this blender

    And this juicer (it got better reviews than the Lalanne Juicers)