Thursday, May 5, 2011

Countdown to Elimination- 10 days!

Hi everyone!

I took a quick walk this morning (no work today and no classes until the afternoon and I wasn't crazy tired), and then came online and went to go check out Tracy's YouTube channel.

There were two really informative little videos on her channel that I think I must have missed or something because I have never seen them and they are not really new either. 

The first one- Keeping motivated through your fitness (goes for all fitness programs, really.)

The next one- Which opened my eyes a bit about standing arms and abs- details on how to do the standing abs/unweighted arms more efficiently and effectively (also love Maria- she is a really good teacher in my opinion)

I am definitely going to put these into practice when I get back on the wagon on the 15th.  I hope they help you too! 

Have a great day and get your workout in!

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