Monday, May 16, 2011

Got my shopping lists at the ready


I have my shopping lists at the ready, my cost per week will be about $35-40 dollars depending on the week. That is, unless I decide to do the following: substitute fruits.

What I mean by that is just substitute all of the breakfasts involving fruit (citrus salad, etc) with just having an orange. I am not really a fruit person but I do love me some oranges.  I notice a lot of it requires blueberries. And blueberries are pretty expensive. I'll still do the blueberry applesauce and maybe the blueberry smoothie, but the other stuff will just be replaced with an orange if it's a snack, an orange and 2 egg whites if it's a breakfast. I'm still going to do the kiwi desserts as well.

I have a question for you ladies who have done the book method- about the recipes. 

I notice some recipes say "makes one serving", others say "serving size _____".  On average, how many servings do those recipes make?  It does seem as if the Eggplant Lasagna makes enough so that you can have it at least 3 times (if you freeze it), but what about the soups and purees?  Just a question so I can plan better. 

That's it for now, hope you had a happy Monday and start your week off right!


  1. I'm on Day 4 and, although I'm making extra to feed my husband too without having to prepare two different meals, I have found that when it says "serving size..." the recipe has made two portions. The eggplant lasagne I think would have made two portions in the size of dish stated, but I used a bigger, oven-sized one, filled out the recipe and made three portions. It was really delicious and I had the third portion for lunch the next day instead of the salad.

  2. Thank you so much! That helps a lot. Other than the lasagna (which usually have to be made in a bigger batch) I'll probably just cut the recipe in half when I shop unless I am having that meal again that week.

  3. Also the eggplant lasagna sounds like the most expensive dish to make, but also the tastiest.

  4. It was extremely nice :)
    I actually found my weekly shopping less than usual - probably as I usually had lots of pre-packaged processed stuff.