Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello everyone!

Second day of Meta complete!

Followed the diet well, (added a little more at lunch) until dinner came.

4 microwaved (crispy that way!) slices of turkey bacon
Sun Warrior/Berry smoothie

Caramel Fudge Think Thin bar
1 Apple
1 Tablespoon coconut oil (eaten with apple)

3 pieces of Apple Pie flavored gum
2 bottles of Neuro Sonic

1 1/2 McDoubles from McDonald's.

Yeah, that dinner wasn't the best choice, but it is better than my usual 4 McDoubles in one sitting. 

Now on to my workout.

Level 1 Day 2 Meta Muscular Structure done~ Also got through 30 mins of cardio (WAY better than last night, for sure. No nausea or tiredness!)  Also walked for a half hour earlier in the day.

More notes:  I know it seems a bit soon to see anything happening, but I am already experiencing noticable change in my body.  My ankle area used to be swollen (I could press my finger into my skin gently and make a dent) and now they are much less.  I also see my belly looking a bit deflated as well as noticable dents in my upper arms.  Also, following the diet plan, I am actually NOT starving, but instead feeling satisfied after eating.  I do not get hungry between meals.  I do not sit around and think about food as much. 

I decided to take my coconut oil midday, with some food to see if my stomach would react like it did last night. Ate it with an apple after my protein bar and no ill effects at all. 

I also felt a lot more energetic during my workout.  Onward to day 3!!!

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