Saturday, November 24, 2012

20 habits keeping you fat part 2

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A continuation of the previous blog- reasons 11-20 why you may have trouble losing weight!

11. Eating off of large plates.  A study shows that 98.6 percent of obese people (when given the choice) would go for eating off a larger plate. Large plate = more food = more calories

12. Having serving bowls at the table.  Try serving all food from the kitchen instead of on the dinner table.

13. Eating white bread.  People who changed form white grains to whole grains lost more belly fat.

14. Taking big bites.  People who take big bites eat about 50% more food in one sitting than people who chew slowly with smaller bites.

15. Not drinking enough water. In a study, one group of dieters was told to drink 2 glasses of water before eating and they lost 30% more weight than t he non drinkers.

16. Having overweight friends. Research shows that having overweight friends increases the chance of obesity by 57%.

17. Eating late.  People who eat late tend to eat more calories per day without realizing it.

18. Not using the scale.  Researchers had a group of dieters weigh themselves daily, they lost twice as much weight as the group that weighed less frequently.  It could be because seeing your weight reinforces goals.

19. Drinking fruity drinks.  Most fruity drinks are made with sugar syrup rather than actual fresh fruit.

20. Eating when emotional.  A study found that emotional eaters were 13% more likely to be obese.  If you get stressed, try chewing gum or taking a walk instead.

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