Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tracy Anderson with "New" Body After Baby

Hello everyone!

Tracy Anderson has been in the news a lot lately since she had her baby.  A friend of mine took a picture of a mini article from a magazine showing Tracy and her "new curves".

The photo of her on the left is from before she had her baby, on the right is her post baby "curvy" body.  To me she looks curvier on the left, (More defined waist) and on the right she looks noticeably softer. Either way, she looks great, but I think the magazine is exaggerating a bit.

The text reads:  "Fitness trainer Tracy Anderson is known for helping celebs like Jennifer Lopes and Gwyneth Paltrow maintain their super-slim frames.  But after giving birth to daughter Penelope in May, Tracy, 37, tells In Touch that she's embracing her post-baby curves - in fact, they make her feel sexy.  "It's absolutely fine to take your time," explains Tracy, who did muscular exercises throughout her pregnancy but shied away from cardio.  And she admits that like for most women, getting back in the swing of things was a challenge for her. "No matter what shape you're in, it's uncomfortable to get back. I started with 10 minutes of cardio and then 15, and worked up to more.  It's not easy."

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  1. Interesting, I think the wedges make such a difference in how our eyes see these pics(I am very short and have a small frame like tracy. Im glad she looks happy and healthy for her new tater tot.