Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Potential Plan

Hello everyone!

As I said before, I plan on starting my Jane Fonda/Reduced Calories stint today.  I've rewatched the beginner workout on the DVD I made and I started thinking.

Based on what I have seen, I am not so sure that I will be doing the beginner workout for very long.  It does look sort of easy.  Of course, I won't know until I try, but in the case that it IS easy, here's what I plan to do.

1. Do the beginner workout every day for the rest of this week to get used to it.
2. Start working on mastering the advanced version next week and work up to the evil 90 minute challenge video I have (that I will cover very soon).

However, if beginner is challenging for me, I will continue to work on it until I am able to move on  up.

Which brings me to my next thought.  After around December 15th (Don't quote me there) I begin my winter break between semesters, and then I have a semester off.  Yep! I am done with all of my general education classes before heading into nursing school!

I am enthused. I swear.

So, I want to really focus on my weight loss during this time off of school.  I will be off for almost a year- December 2012-August 2013.  What I would LIKE to do is "Do Jane" twice a day (at least while I am trying to get into the beginner routine), morning and evening.  The moves are not heavy lifting at all, there is also a lot of stretching throughout.  A side goal of mine is to regain my flexibility, and the toning leg moves and ab moves are, while effective, the kind of moves I do not think one can really do too many of, especially within the half hour workout.

However, that is my thought now, before trying it.  It could end up being pretty tough and make me eat my hat, haha.

Just my thought for today, hope everyone else has a good day too!  The week is almost over~

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