Saturday, November 17, 2012

So I Tried Jane Fonda's Workout...

Hello everyone!

As the title suggests, I finally tried the workout last night.  I probably should have waited to get a better night's sleep but oh well. (Doggie is all better now)

Well as I said, watching the video did not make it look that daunting.  Doing it,  however, was a different story.

There was not a single hard part about it, including the stretching.  I realize now how much flexibility I have lost. (TONS) Bending over straight-legged (which used to be easy for me) I felt my muscles creak.  The arms came next.  That should be easy.  Wrong. Since I have so much extra weight, moving my arms around and stuff was actually quite hard and tiring. There was a brief moment of jogging in place but that wasn't so bad.  I did feel my calves cramp up but it was like, one minute long or so.  I can deal with that.

This move hurts more than it looks like.

Waist exercises weren't HORRIBLE, but I did certainly feel something work.  The true hell was to come when we got on the mat.]]

Abs. Apparently all these Tracy Anderson ab moves I have tried were nothing compared to what I did with Jane.  Crunches were ok, but then came piking (feet straight up in the air) and the dreaded bicycles. When that was done, it was leg time.  Laying on your side and lifting your leg up in the air doesn't sound so bad... but then I tried it.  I couldn't keep up and boy did I feel that burn.  I think my body burned the MOST doing the leg portion.  Lastly, was the butt workout, which was a few moves in bridge position.  Still  burnt. 

One thing I do like is how there is a lot of flexibility work both standing up and on the mat.

I am definitely going to try it again, perhaps at my own pace now that I have the book.  That's right, my Jane Fonda book came today! So excited! I am going to give it a read and review. 

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