Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hello everyone!

Yesterday was my first day back to Meta with the diet this time.  It was strange.

I ate the following:

2 poached eggs
1 scoop vanilla Sun Warrior protein with 1 cup berries blended in

Creamy Peanut Butter Think Thin Bar 

Chicken Breast
Steamed broccoli

Kale/Apple juice (homemade)
1 tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil (as a supplement/to get some extra clean calories in)

The mistake and strangeness came from the workout.  My big mistake was doing my workout at 10:30 pm, after I had already begun to fall asleep.  I did my workout, but it was difficult, and extra tiresome, and my body was shaking when I had finished.  As for cardio... I tried. I really did.  After my MS work, I was overcome with such nausea and dizziness that after 5 minutes into the cardio, I deemed it unsafe and impractical to proceed any further and called it quits.  I am still marking off the "cardio" section on my tracker because dammit, I tried.  I did my best without making excuses, and that's what really matters.  Doing a less than stellar workout is better than sitting on the couch.

As for the nausea, I had some tummy troubles and felt really tired pretty early.  I am guessing the food I ate (very clean) had a detoxing effect on me because I have felt awful. I also hear from several TAMers that at first, they had flulike symptoms. Definitely got those going on today. 

This basically sums up how I felt last night.

Did you get your workout in?  Even if you do 5 minutes,  you showed up and didn't make excuses. 

Have a great day everyone and I'll post when day 2 is done!

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  1. Got my workout in this morning spent the night at the doctors getting my back x-rayed! Thankfully despite the outcome I was told to keep up with mat work/yoga and cardio when I am ready. I totally agree that anything is better than nothing. It is all about getting into the habit. <3 doing great!