Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hard to be positive when you read things like this

Hello everyone!

On the subject of negative attitudes toward your workout, I found a scathing review posted by a blogger I usually enjoy reading who goes by the name "The Angry Trainer."

It's one thing to give a bad review on something if you've actually DONE the workout, but to review it solely on just watching the infomercial is very... I can't think of the word but it's not a good one.

"Watching this video was like seeing a Saturday Night Live episode. The “Dance Cardio” portion of the program? It’s a joke and in my opinion actually looks silly. Truthfully Tracy looks like an uncoordinated child jumping around. And the exercises that are shown look equally as useless. I found myself saying “what the heck is that”, or “what’s that doing?” when seeing these absurd “exercises”. I watched many of the program’s movements and from a muscular balance point of view they made me cringe. There’s tons of hip flexor and front shoulder work and body positioning that I think compromises form and exercise integrity and other exercises that in my view simply do NOTHING."

"The weight loss is minimally caused by Tracy’s workouts and has everything to do with what these women are eating…or I should say what they’re NOT eating. Once again I think Tracy’s program is a big fat fail!
The Angry Trainer says: Still Big Promises, Still Full Of BS!"

In the comments are more hateful comments by his readers, although there are some who are like, hey wait a minute, I do the TA Method and it works for me.

The point is, I hear a lot of people talk to me like this guy talks about the method, both by people who  have and haven't done the workout and this is one example. 


  1. I do Meta and it rocks!! I love the variety and after being a gym-goer for years with minimal results (and also being a certified Personal Trainer), Meta really does change everything. I would describe her workouts like creating permanent shapeware using your own muscles. Perfect! Have a great day, cheers~

    1. Thank you for commenting! I like the variety too. (I used to go to the gym and it didn't do much for me either)

  2. I dont like when people review a workout without doing it. Thats why when I did one of my papers for my exercise physiology class I did the PDS for my research. I think her workouts are an interesting mix of lots of stuff I already like. There are def some things I have to disagree with her on but thats ok because you take the good and leave the bad! No big deal. Also a CPT :)