Thursday, February 28, 2013

Turbo Fire Prep Schedule Day 4/63

Hello everyone!

Well, today was my fourth day, and sadly, it all went well until the evening.

Workout was what it was- Tone 30 which uses a resistance band (which I have).   It either wasn't that difficult or I was doing it wrong.  Probably #2.  And I very well may be sore in the morning.

Diet... Hoo boy.  This is where it all went to hell in a handbasket.


An order of tater tots from the cafeteria- About the same amount of calories as my usual breakfast.  I just wasn't feeling like the texture of oatmeal today ( I am weird about food texture sometimes ) and opted for friend potatoes.  This wasn't why I feel so guilty.

Snacks at work! 

Here we are~  Where the root of my problem today is. See, my office is full of nice people... And full of nice treats, hahahahaha!

1. Girl Scout Cookies.  I had 5 Do Si Do cookies which are peanut butter sandwich cookies. 267 calorie BOMB.

2. M&Ms fun size- 140 calories

3. Mochi (Japanese rice cakes filled with bean paste, probably the LEAST evil of all of these. If mochi was all I had for a snack, today would have been good)  3 pieces, 195 calories

602 calories in SNACKS.  That's a MEAL.  My breakfast didn't even have that  many, nor did my lunch!


Grilled steak, Japanese pickles, rice and soup. 475 calories. Not bad.


More bombage.

Had a little Japanese curry sauce my roommate made (like 1/2 cup worth) as a snack before class.

I ended up at McDonalds for dinner and ate 2 McDoubles.  I really had no time to cook dinner and I didn't want to eat at 10 pm when I got out of school and all that.

Total calories for today: 2,583 when my goal was in the 1700s.  -sigh-

Well, there's always tomorrow to eat better and make better choices.  I really need to learn to say no thanks to the snacks at work.  I'm aware nobody has a gun to my head, so it's something I need to take care of internally.

Hope everyone had a great Thursday too!

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