Friday, February 8, 2013

Teen Meta Review Video

Hello everyone!

As I have posted before, Tracy Anderson just released her new workout for teens- Teen Meta.  What is it like?  I have found a video with a brief review.  I do not have the DVDs yet, but she just got hers.

The summary- the DVDs come with a band, which is something new from Tracy.  Her studios have always had bands at them but never in a DVD before.

Also the cardio is in two parts.  One part is more freestyle for about 20 minutes, then the second part is choreographed with a dance troupe.

Do I want it? Of course I do, I also (like her) want all of Tracy's stuff just because, but I also want to see for myself what the workouts really are like.

Have you ordered it?  Do you want to? If you have, what do you think?

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