Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tracy Anderson DVDs at Walmart

Hello everyone~

Have you wanted to buy Tracy Anderson's older DVDs but don't want to pay $30 per disc?  Now you can.

Now, Tracy is as close as your local Wal Mart. 

I was there the other night, and I was browsing the sporting equipment section and lo and behold- I found her Dance Cardio DVD from 2008 and Dance Cardio 2. 

Both of these DVDs USED to be about $30!  I got them for $9.97.   Each.  Not all Wal Marts have them though,  I went to a different  location last night and they didn't have these.

Also, her older videos (Post Preg, Mat) are being released on Amazon for 9.99 and Teen Meta is available for preorder for only $18!

I am annoyed with one thing- They are not selling her Beginner Dance Cardio DVD ANYWHERE anymore!  I  need to replace mine and I can't find it anywhere but eBay.  It's a shame, it's a really great workout and easy to learn!

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