Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fans Concerned- Has Tracy Anderson Gone Too Far?

Hello everyone!

Lately, Tracy Anderson has been in the news a lot, and her appearance is a bit... Different.  So much so, that it has people talking-  Is she taking the "hollywood" look too far?

People are now speculating that she's had some kind of plastic surgery, overdoing the spray tans and the bleached hair.  

Before: Tracy with her baby Penelope


To me she DOES look different. I wouldn't say it's "unhealthy" for her to have done the things she has cosmetically, but they really don't look good on her personally.  I prefer her before look and her look in her older DVDs.  However, having said that, it is her choice how she wants to look, and maybe this look was an idea that sounded good at the time.  We all make bad fashion/looks choices and perhaps this is just one of those for her.

Do I think this needed to make news, as in an article on the Daily Mail, etc? No.  A pic with a short comment maybe but not an entire article.  Give the woman a break. 

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