Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Workout

Hello everyone!

As most people know, Kim Kardashian is now pregnant.  She's working with Tracy Anderson right now during her pregnancy to keep herself looking her best during her pregnancy.

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There is an interview with Tracy in the video where she talks about how women were complaining about how they wished they had Tracy to work with DURING their pregnancy to help them along.

Then, she demonstrates some moves along with a group of pregnant women from her Pregnancy Project,  She explains why she didn't use cardio during pregnancy and only used muscular structure to keep in shape.

I also found out that the reason there are no laying-down abs in the pregnancy project is because pregnant women should not lay on their back, at risk of cutting blood flow to the uterus. 

Also, the pregnancy project is going to be sold on Amazon, for cheaper than on her main page along with teen meta. 


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