Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 3 Metamorphosis

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was my THIRD day of Meta, and still going strong!

I was feeling a bit worse than day 2 in regards to the period cramps and stuff, I even fell asleep a few times during the day because the fatigue was that bad. 

However, the workout DID get done with a little modification.

I took advil, that's one of them, and I had to dial down my MS back to 10 reps. It was all my legs could do. 

Also even though I have my lady friend now, I still have yet to touch junk food.  Still no carbs, still no dairy, still no soda pop.  Tea, yes.

I have also noticed another thing- My skin has improved a lot for it only having been three days.  Younger, I had perfect skin.  Never any pimples even as a teen.  Then I got older and fatter and my skin on my face went to a cratery hell.

Now I have pretty clear skin, my main issue was blackheads on my chin and nose and now those are visibly reduced already.  Also  my skin feels slightly softer. 

Also, I was able to jump a little MORE during cardio today (at least it felt that way).

I am learning that doing cardio first is really the best thing for me.  I am pretty weak, so doing MS takes everything out of me that I've got energy-wise.  Then (IF I even DID the cardio after) I would slop through it and just "go through the motions" as they say.

Tracy also has said if you have a weak build, do the cardio first.  Yes I have weight to lose (which usually the MS WOULD come first) but underneath and in the past when I wasn't heavy, I have always been a little on the weak side.

So today is day 4, and Happy Valentine's Day by the way! 

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